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S80 Series 3G 1W/2W Switch

1,Dimension: 82*82mm

2,Rated Current: 10AX

3,Voltage: 250V

4,Plastic Part:Good fatigue resistance&heat resistance PC for Cover&Pusher,Fire-resistant PC for Back-housing&Chassic;

5,High quality hardware: Rocker is red copper coating with silver, Copper/Brass connection piece, long lifetime;

6,Fire-resistant PA66 of Utilising Child-proof safety shutter,that prevents misuse and unsafe access to live circuitry;

7,Screwless clap for wire installation,strong and save your time.

8,Modular fitting, form 1 Gang to 5 Gang.

9,10 Years for Non-electronic Items,2 years for Electronic Items

10,CE Certificated.

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